The Resource database was created to provide access to STEM resources and activities both in Iowa and nationwide. It contains a variety of programs and resources that can be filtered by type, audience, or region.

Title Description
STEM Community Engagement

A guide for engaging the community in STEM activities. This resource would be great for people who want to begin STEM events in their community but aren't sure how to get people involved. This handbook also provides a timeline and how to track growth of STEM engagement in the community.

STEM Jobs Iowa

This website provides job listings that fall within the field of STEM. It could be helpful for adults looking for positions or teachers wanting to educate their students about careers in STEM.

STEM Lesson Plans: 6 Tips

Great article describing the 6 characteristics of a great STEM lesson plan. This article would be helpful for educators that teach any age group.

STEM Programs for Kids

Technology and Engineering programs for elementary and middle school aged children with locations in North Carolina and Madison, Wisconsin. Students can learn basic computer skills or computer programming in the offered programs.

STEM Scouts

STEM Scouts is an organization that allows students to get together with a group of their peers and a STEM professional to explore areas that interest them. STEM Scouts also provides a mobile lab that can come to your town or school!

STEM Video Game Challenge

A STEM video game challenge. A national competition for students to learn about STEM while also creating video games.

STEM Works: Activities and Info

Activities and games in all areas of STEM including but not limited to weather, genetics, the mind/body, robotics and space to use in the classroom or at home. Students can also discover and learn about different job opportunities in STEM fields.


STEMconnector is a database of STEM organizations in each state. The goal of STEMconnector is to connect these organizations and show their activities. Additionally, you can join STEMconnector, submit STEM events, and sign up for their daily newsletter.


A website for a multi-state STEM network composed of 21 state and US territory STEM networks. Includes both original resources such as the online tool Sustainability Compass to help state STEM networks plan for sustainability, as well as external links to the best resources from the networks' partner states which include advocacy kits, rubrics for STEM learning and programs, and guides for community engagement and public/private partnerships.

Teen Life

This website provides a vast amount of information about different activities including STEM programs, summer programs and volunteer opportunities. The information is geared for students in grades 7-12.

The Connectory

A free webportal to a national and international database of STEM programs and opportunities searchable by zip code, topic, or type of opportunity. Targeting parents and adults who search for STEM programs and opportunities for youth in their area, it also includes a provider portal where program providers can create a profile and promote their own STEM-based program and opportunities.

The Engineering Place

A list of in-class engineering lesson plans and activities for elementary and middle school students. This website also includes science activities in a variety of different areas.

U.S Dept. of Education and STEM

The U.S. Department of Education's plan to increase STEM education. This website explains the importance of STEM education and how the government plans to aid STEM teachers.

UI Camps and Programs

This link gives information about summer programs and camps for students in elementary, junior high and high school students. There are several programs which fall within the STEM domain.

Waterloo Grout Museum

This link provides information about educational programs put on by the Grout Museum District in Waterloo, IA. In addition to summer camps, there are also more specific programs such as a rocket camp and science fair.

Youth Tech

Offered in several areas around Iowa, including Ankeny, Urbandale, Waukee and West Des Moines, Youth Tech Inc. offers classes in areas such as robotics, web design and 3D animation among others. Classes are open to kids aged 7 to 17 from June through August and registration fees start around $150.00, but may vary. Each class period is three hours long and runs over a course of four days. Youth Tech Inc. was created in Iowa and is able to offer these opportunities through partnerships with community colleges and other local schools.