The Resource database was created to provide access to STEM resources and activities both in Iowa and nationwide. It contains a variety of programs and resources that can be filtered by type, audience, or region.

Title Description
PBS Kids Design Squad

With an emphasis on engineering, this PBS website provides kids with a platform to design and build objects and learn about engineering through interactive games.

PBS Kids Lab

With an emphasis on math and technology for 3 to 8 year olds, this PBS website offers a trove of games, activities, videos, apps, books, and education resources annotated by age group (3-5 or 6-8) and skill set (shapes, measurement, spatial sense, etc.).

PBS Kids Sci Girls

Based on a PBS Kids show, SciGirls is geared for tween girls, ages 8 to 12, with STEM-based videos, games, and projects.

PBS Kids Science Activities

Activities for parents to do with their children from infancy through 2nd grade. You can even track your child's developmental milestones.

PBS Kids STEM Activities

A list of science activities for kids in many different areas of science such as chemistry, physics, and biology.

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media provides a vast amount of resources for educators that largely focuses on assisting with meeting classroom standards. There are links to resources such as programs providing free professional development and links that provide educators with materials needed to meet classroom standards.

PBS Tech/Engineering Activities

A list of technology and engineering classroom activities for grades 3-12. Some of the topics include learning the history of fireworks and learning how to build dams, cars, and bridges.

Playdough to Plato

This site, "Playdough to Plato" provides 40 STEM oriented activities for parents to use at home or for teachers to utilize as part of a classroom curriculum. These are mainly hands-on rather than computer-based activities.

Putnam Science Center

Developed by the Putnam Museum, this site provides information about STEM education within the museum. Information about the museum's science center, camps and how to schedule a field trip is also provided.

SCI: Girls in Science

Information about programs and events for girls in elementary and middle school through the Girls in Science Initiative of the Science Center of Iowa.

Science Buddies

Includes resources for students, teachers, and parents on science fair projects. If you need ideas for a project, need help figuring out how to do a science project, grading rubrics, or want to ask a specific question, this site will help!

Science Kids

Games, quizzes, projects, and videos for kids to explore all areas of STEM.

Science Lesson Plans & Activities

Science lesson plans for elementary school teachers. This site provides different activities for different areas of science such as life science and physics.

Science Update

Science Update is a 60 second podcasts that answers your science questions. On this website, you are able to listen to past episodes and submit your questions to be answered.

Secondary Student Training Program by UI

This program, provided by the Belin Blank College of Education at the University of Iowa, is intended for 10th and 11th grade students. The Secondary Student Training Program is five weeks long and students work under a faculty mentor. By the end of the program students will develop a research project and paper.

Smithsonian Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for science and technology for students PreK-8. Topics include space, climate change, insects, and much more.

STEM Activities for Girls

A handbook of STEM activities specifically focused on middle school girls. This handbook provides information regarding what you will need for the activity, how to complete the activity, and what the students will learn from the activity.


STEM programs for students of all ages at New York University. Students can choose from a variety of topics such as life science, robotics, computer programming, and much more.

STEM at UI Hospitals & Clinics

Information about the STEM Education programs hosted by the University of Iowa Medical Student Ambassador Program. Students enrolled in these programs will have the opportunity to work with medical students to discover the importance of STEM subjects in healthcare. Educators and parents can arrange for their child to attend an event at the university or have a medical student ambassador come to the classroom.

STEM Collaborative

With a target on math learning in middle school classrooms, this website offers four online modules for teaching middle school math concepts using interactive activities, simulations and videos. It also has a resource guide of activities organized by math topic, lesson plans, and worksheets for K-12 classroom learning.