The Resource database was created to provide access to STEM resources and activities both in Iowa and nationwide. It contains a variety of programs and resources that can be filtered by type, audience, or region.

Title Description
Iowa State Science and Technology Fair

Website for the Iowa State Science and Technology fair. Resource for students who wish to present projects or for educators to encourage students. This science fair gives students an opportunity to win a scholarship of $2000


List of Iowa STEM Scale-Up programs, programs, and organizations that contribute to STEM education. This is a comprehensive list that may be useful for educators as well as curious parents.

Iowa STEM Initiative

Powerpoint PDF providing information about the 'Iowa STEM Initiative'.

ISU STEM Engineering

Engineering programs hosted by Iowa State for students in grades K - 12. Students will have the opportunity to have a hands-on experience in programs like FIRST LEGO League and Project Lead the Way.

ISU Talented and Gifted Summer Programs

Online math games for grades 1-6. Students are able to practice word and logic problems on this site while having fun.

Mad Science of Central Iowa

This website is developed by "Mad Science Iowa". A large amount of information about after school programs, workshops, grade-focused events and camps is provided.

Mars Education at ASU

This website provides the lesson plans used at Arizona State University in their "Mars Education Program". The lesson plans focus on topics such as the biology of the Earth, Moon, Mars and the solar system.

Math Games and Activities

Math activities for all ages in geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and other math topics. The activities are separated into sections for students below grade 7 and students in grades 7+.

Math Games for Kids

Math games, quizzes, and videos for elementary and middle school students.

Math Playground

Online math games for grades 1-6. Students are able to practice word and logic problems on this site while having fun.

NASA for Educators

NASA's webpage for educators. Includes lesson plans, videos, published articles, and additional teaching resources and websites to improve your science curriculum.

NASA for Students

NASA's webpage for students. Includes videos, apps, blogs, projects, games, contests, and more!

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics lesson plans for PreK-12 students. Also includes information on grants, research, and conferences

National Education Association 10 Best STEM Resources

A "10 Best" list found on the National Education Association website of STEM curriculum and professional development resources for educators.

National Girls Collaborative Project

This website is for the "National Girls Collaborative Project". It provides information about past research investigating how to engage girls in STEM. Especially helpful resource for Educators writing grants and program proposals.

National Science Teacher Association Freebies for Science Teachers

This site provides resources for teachers to use in the classroom. Many topics including but not limited to curriculum plans, games and even how to become a teacher liason are covered.

Next Generation Science Standards

This website provides information about how science education standards are developed in Iowa. Topics such as STEM involvement, alliances and infrastructure are also discussed.

NICC Camps

Provided by Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), this website gives information about summer camps put on by the college. Some of the programs include "Going Buggy Camp" and "Robotics Olympics" but there are a variety of other options.

NSF STEM Education Resources

The National Science Foundation's resources for STEM teachers. Materials for several areas including teacher development, classroom instruction, assessment and research synthesis are provided.

Pathways to Science

This link provides a list of STEM programs administered by major universities in Iowa such as Iowa State and the University of Iowa.