Classroom Resources

Lesson plans for science and technology for students PreK-8. Topics include space, climate change, insects, and much more.

Includes resources for students, teachers, and parents on science fair projects. If you need ideas for a project, need help figuring out how to do a science project, grading rubrics, or want to ask a specific question, this site will help!

NASA's webpage for educators. Includes lesson plans, videos, published articles, and additional teaching resources and websites to improve your science curriculum.

Powerpoint PDF providing information about the 'Iowa STEM Initiative'.

A handbook of STEM activities specifically focused on middle school girls. This handbook provides information regarding what you will need for the activity, how to complete the activity, and what the students will learn from the activity.

A "10 Best" list found on the National Education Association website of STEM curriculum and professional development resources for educators.

With a target on math learning in middle school classrooms, this website offers four online modules for teaching middle school math concepts using interactive activities, simulations and videos. It also has a resource guide of activities organized by math topic, lesson plans, and worksheets for K-12 classroom learning.

With an emphasis on math and technology for 3 to 8 year olds, this PBS website offers a trove of games, activities, videos, apps, books, and education resources annotated by age group (3-5 or 6-8) and skill set (shapes, measurement, spatial sense, etc.).

PBS Learning Media provides a vast amount of resources for educators that largely focuses on assisting with meeting classroom standards. There are links to resources such as programs providing free professional development and links that provide educators with materials needed to meet classroom standards.