Classroom Resources

This is a link for the Arizona STEM resources page. It provides additional links to STEM information and programs including national and state-based programs. It also gives information about video resources and contests/competitions.

This site, "Playdough to Plato" provides 40 STEM oriented activities for parents to use at home or for teachers to utilize as part of a classroom curriculum. These are mainly hands-on rather than computer-based activities.

This website provides the lesson plans used at Arizona State University in their "Mars Education Program". The lesson plans focus on topics such as the biology of the Earth, Moon, Mars and the solar system.

The National Science Foundation's resources for STEM teachers. Materials for several areas including teacher development, classroom instruction, assessment and research synthesis are provided.

A website providing information about the Iowa Afterschool Alliance. Within this site, strategies, resources, and curriculum suggestions for advancing STEM within after school programs are given. This effort to expand STEM education into after school programs is advocated by the STEM Active Learning Community Partners group which is a committee of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council.

Lessons and after-school activities for students K-12. Simply search for what you are looking for, and Sciencenet will try to help.

Mathematics lesson plans for PreK-12 students. Also includes information on grants, research, and conferences

Mathematics lesson plans for K-12 students. Topics range from colors and shapes to calculus

A list of technology and engineering classroom activities for grades 3-12. Some of the topics include learning the history of fireworks and learning how to build dams, cars, and bridges.

Science lesson plans for elementary school teachers. This site provides different activities for different areas of science such as life science and physics.