Advocacy & Engagement

List of Iowa STEM Scale-Up programs, programs, and organizations that contribute to STEM education. This is a comprehensive list that may be useful for educators as well as curious parents.

STEMconnector is a database of STEM organizations in each state. The goal of STEMconnector is to connect these organizations and show their activities. Additionally, you can join STEMconnector, submit STEM events, and sign up for their daily newsletter.

A guide for engaging the community in STEM activities. This resource would be great for people who want to begin STEM events in their community but aren't sure how to get people involved. This handbook also provides a timeline and how to track growth of STEM engagement in the community.

The U.S. Department of Education's plan to increase STEM education. This website explains the importance of STEM education and how the government plans to aid STEM teachers.

STEM festivals and events sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa. Their goal is to engage students and STEM and also teach students and parents about STEM careers.

A free webportal to a national and international database of STEM programs and opportunities searchable by zip code, topic, or type of opportunity. Targeting parents and adults who search for STEM programs and opportunities for youth in their area, it also includes a provider portal where program providers can create a profile and promote their own STEM-based program and opportunities.

A website for a multi-state STEM network composed of 21 state and US territory STEM networks. Includes both original resources such as the online tool Sustainability Compass to help state STEM networks plan for sustainability, as well as external links to the best resources from the networks' partner states which include advocacy kits, rubrics for STEM learning and programs, and guides for community engagement and public/private partnerships.