Community & Business Leaders

Find programs and opportunities related to how industries and communities are building a STEM-ready workforce across the state. Additional resources and programs related can be found in our resources database.

Source: Governor’s STEM Advisory Council

This webpage outlines the benefits for both businesses and educators of becoming partners in STEM education. From this webpage, businesses are able to apply to be corporate partners, apply to host teacher externships and read over guidelines for the partnership between businesses and schools.

Source: Governor’s STEM Advisory Council

Apply to become a business host for a teacher externship. This annual application seeks summer externship opportunities that provide professional development for Iowa’s STEM teachers through business-sector experiences in STEM fields.

Source: Million Women Mentors

A nationwide effort to provide mentors, both women and men, in STEM related fields in support of a national effort to get more females pursuing STEM-related degrees and careers. Become an individual mentor or corporate partner through the Million Women Mentor initiative to network with others in your local STEM region, nearby schools, or organizations, and identify opportunities to get you and your staff involved in STEM in your community.

Source: Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley

Search for volunteer opportunities in the Cedar Valley area, including those related to STEM. Examples of past volunteer opportunities include day camps for youth centered on STEM exploration, or serving as a mentor for STEM programs implemented through community organizations such as the YMCA/YWCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa, or United Way.

Source: Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service

Iowa’s central resource to find or post a volunteer opportunity, including volunteers for STEM-related programs and events implemented through libraries and community organizations such as the YMCA/YWCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa, or United Way.